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Pray without ceasing

Paul said, I do not cease to thank God for you and make mention of you in my prayers.

—Ephesians 1:16

The Apostle Paul demonstrated his love for God and for people by continually praying for them. He said, "he doesn’t cease to thank God for them or to pray for them." It sure is comforting to know that people are continually praying for you.  But how in the world does Paul pray without ceasing?

Paul was a busy guy, very active in the faith, traveling hundreds of miles town to town, preaching, teaching, planting churches, making disciples, raising up church leaders, sowing tents together to make a living. Where did he find time to pray without ceasing?  Well its quite simple really... Imagine for a moment that prayer is like being on a phone conversation with God. When your done with your conversation, rather than hang up the phone, you leave it off the hook.  That leaves the line of communication continually open.  And when the Holy Spirit brings people or needs to mind, you can immediately offer these needs up to God in prayer because you never broke the line of comminication.
Paul walked hundreds of miles and while he did, he prayed and talked with God. He was also a tent maker and making tents is repetitious work. It didn’t take a lot of mental activity….so he would pray for the people God brought to his attention. When Paul wasn’t doing something that a lot of concentration, he prayed. 

This is how we can train ourselves to Pray without ceasing. Everytime the Holy Spirit brings people or needs to our remembrance, whether we at at a stop light, or waiting in a grocery line, traveling along the highway...we can make a pointed effort to pray for people. This way we too will be able to Pray as Paul rpayed and lift a great many needs to the Lord.


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